The Wolf You Feed …

Thanks to Tracy Brooks
for finding & sharing this wolf photo at Facebook
which reminded me of the Native American story
told by a grandfather to his grandson
and Pema Chodron’s book, Taking the Leap
inspiring this morning’s labyrinth writing
and this long overdue post.

Click play to listen to me read this piece now:

Click play to listen to me read this piece now:

“As human beings we have the potential to disentangle ourselves from old habits, and the potential to love and care about each other. We have the capacity to wake up and live consciously, but … we also have a strong inclination to stay asleep. It’s as if we are always at a crossroad, continuously choosing which way to go. Moment by moment we can choose to go toward further clarity and happiness or toward confusion and pain.”

Pema Chodron, Taking the Leap
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