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The Power of Writing the Labyrinth

If you believe there’s something more to living than what’s filling your time currently, struggle with challenging life circumstances, or sense you have a purpose in life you can’t quite identify, Writing the Labyrinth may help you develop clarity because it’s a unique meditative process for:

• those feeling lost and confused after the proverbial ‘rug’ has been pulled out from under your feet due to…

  • divorce
  • serious illness
  • death of someone close
  • job loss
  • financial stressors
  • parents with children in distress
  • and other life-altering circumstances

• people who can’t seem to sit still or quiet your busy minds to meditate

• folks who hate ‘writing’ to begin to journal as a meditative way to access your inner wisdom

• writers who get ‘stuck’ when trying to share your deeper messages

Writing the Labyrinth is a playful process of discovery that takes you away from life’s challenges for a little while …

• inviting new ways of seeing and being with ‘what is’

• opening to Divine Guidance from within and around yourself

• teaching you to BE FULLY PRESENT in each moment while releasing the need to judge yourself or others

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Labyrinth Writing

While Writing the Labyrinth you’ll begin to notice what’s around and within you differently … surprisingly and ever so gradually (though sometimes suddenly) WIDENING AWARENESS and giving new meaning to OLD TRUTHS as synchronistic events seem like SMALL MIRACLES that happen with increasing regularity defying logic and coincidence.

What’s beautiful about the Labyrinth Writing process is that it allows you to …

~begin exactly where you are

~experience what’s happening here and now

~write word by word without thinking

~give yourself permission to write ‘the worst junk in the universe’

~allow feelings to arise and spill on the page without judgment or censure

~let unspoken questions of your heart to be revealed … and answers received

As a result you’ll open the door behind which AUTHENTIC INNER TRUTH has been long gathering dust, awaiting discovery … find long forgotten KEEPSAKES and old keys to open locked doors and treasure chests whenever you’re ready to explore the territory on our own or with others in safety.

The Labyrinth Journal contains introductory pages, samples of my labyrinth writing, pages with line templates for you to fill in with your own discoveries, blank pages with inspirational quotes for you to draw your own lines to write along or write as I do now without lines letting shapes form freely, and a page of ‘starters’ with suggestions for those times when you feel ‘stuck’ … if ideas won’t come or you can’t begin writing on your own.

For those who would like to listen while looking, audio versions of my pieces will be available as MP3 downloads to accompany the journal.

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Labyrinth Writing

If you’re intrigued by labyrinth pieces I’ve shared and wish to experiment on your own …

Labyrinth Journal: Choice is available NOW
at a special introductory price.
Click here for details