What I’ve come to know recently …

… through my daily journal writing and (more specifically) from listening to Christine Kloser’s Transformational Author Experience series of calls and responding to the ‘3 Whys’ and a 4th question posed by Christine early on:

Why this book?
Why me?
Why now?
Who’s it for?

What follows are 4 labyrinth pieces I wrote two days ago with these questions in mind that capture the essence of my answers for now. FYI –  The black ink words wandering the page comes before the blue ‘aha’ revelations

So … after writing the labyrinth I believe with certainly and clarity (at least for now):
My book is about having fun while finding your voice, rediscovering your inner connection with the Divine, and breaking free of limits to live your dreams joyfully for the good of all concerned!

I don’t have all the answers, but I’m more comfortable with the questions and I do know what’s next for me. This book is ready to be birthed and shared. Prayers are always answered, though not always in predictable or expected ways. Synchronicity abounds! Help shows up with consistent abundance when I ask clearly with an open heart and surrender to surprise! Then all I need do is say, thank you so much and get out of my own way … allowing others to assist as needed while trusting myself to decide my next steps. It’s cRaZiLy pErFeCt and iMpErFeCt all at the same time. Nothing’s ‘either-or’ for me any more, but rather ‘inclusively’ encompassing everything … and then some.

My intention is to share here (as regularly as possible) some of what emerges on my personal journal pages labyrinth style. In addition, at Giraffe Journal I plan to publish an on-going ‘narrative’ about my journey … writing about processes (in and out of the flow) and discoveries along the way as I’ve done for some time now and updated just yesterday in Living and Learning … rowing gently down the stream.

I invite your engagement and feedback in both places for I believe that together we know so much more than any of us knows alone and I need your help.

  • Please respond to what I publish.
  • Ask questions of your own and share them here!
  • Tell me what you think … what you agree with and don’t!
  • Write from your heart about your own experience and sense of truth!
  • Let me get to know YOU as I risk letting you know me through what I write, for I don’t wish to write in a vacuum.

Let’s build a community here together where we each share our authentic voice with gratitude, compassion, and grace so that all might benefit.

Thought for Today

“Trust your own instinct. Your mistakes might as well be your own, instead of someone else’s.”

Billy Wilder


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7 Responses to What I’ve come to know recently …

  1. Anna Chinappi says:

    Virginia, this is amazing! I will be sure to follow your journey and maybe will find some parallels with my own. Many thanks for opening your heart to the world!
    In peace always!

    • Virginia says:

      How delightful to find your comment here and your response on my public page at Facebook too. ‘Tis so reassuring to encounter ‘kindred spirits’ in this ‘virtual world’ who are are similar journeys to my own. Thanks so much …
      Hugs and blessings,

  2. Sharon says:

    You always inspire. That is what I adore about you. The four pieces above held so much clarity and I can see that you are well on your way my friend. Sometimes the words are whispers in the dark and you might not get feedback – write anyway.
    Love you,

    • Virginia says:

      I’m exhaling to breathe in & relax as I allow your words sink in fully …
      I do feel as if I’m well on my way, listening to the internal whispers and recording them as faithfully as I’m able at the time … so the words don’t ‘feel’ like MINE. Instead these labyrinth pieces feel like messages from Spirit intended for a wider audience than myself. Of course I’ll write anyway. I write for my survival and sanity … to find balance in this chaotic and often confusing world in which we live.

      That acknowledged, I long for a community in which such ideas can be freely shared and discussed. I’m learning (at long last) to ask for what I need as I offer what I can. Lately, amazing things keep happening all around that feel like the Universe ‘responding’ with synchronicity and synergy so it’s all good. It’s safe to be me … just as I am. I want to invite others to be themselves … just as they are right along with me … so THANKS dear one and give yourself time to pursue YOUR heart’s desire with clarity and purpose. As Jan would say … dozens are waiting … and I suspect it could be hundreds, or even millions!
      Hugs and blessings,

  3. Gerry says:

    Life itself is a labyrinth, its paths shaped and, sans reflection, constrained by culture, religion, government and old tapes. It seems the answer may be a labyrinth of one’s own making that transcends, skirts or slips through cracks spotted by the prepared eye. The straight line lasers past possibilities while the labyrinth covers the grid. One has to travel through life in a way that allows one to peek in all of the corners … to have the opportunity to discover lost (or even unfortunately cast off) pieces of the puzzle that, assembled during the journey, become truth.

    • Virginia says:

      Thanks for your visit and comment. I appreciate your perspective of ‘life itself as a labyrinth … covering the grid … that allows one to peek in all of the corners’ … for it is a useful ‘reframe’ or ‘extension’ of my own perspective, especially when taken in conjunction with your other clear observations.
      Hugs and blessings,

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